Creative Kids Photography

If there was a prize that could be given out to the most creative father, I’d hope that it was awarded to Jason Lee. A wedding photographer by trade, he’s used to capturing some of the most important moments in a couples’ lives. I think the real magic happens when he turns the camera onto his daughters.

Association Network Pillows

If you’re going to have throw pillows around, make them conversation starters, like pillows in the shape of familiar computer button icons, such as RSS, Mac OSX, subscribe, iTunes, and even chat balloons.

Display your loyalty to your favorite social networking site with a throw pillow your friends will recognize -or if you have no loyalty, use them all! Etsy seller Craftsquatch makes them in Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and other flavors, including a generic email pillow.

Amazing Cookie Monster Mugs

Do you want a cookie monster mug? It’s amazing…

12oz sculpted Sesame Street Cookie Monster mug with Cookie Monster’s face on one side and “cookies!” on the other.
4.75″ x 3.75″ x 3.5″. Not dishwasher or microwave safe.

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GUND was formed in 1898 in Norwalk, USA and is America’s longest established plush toy company. Since its formation, GUND, by its quality, design and attention to detail has become the leading name for soft toys and was the first soft toy company to perfect the “under stuffed” and “supersoft” products. GUND is noted for a uniqueness of design and superior quality. By their nature GUND products usually become “collectable”. The company’s reputation has been established over 100 years by its ability to design and manufacture to the highest standards of assurance and durability.

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Grouchy in the morning? So’s Oscar, whose mug reads “I don’t do mornings!” Cheery Elmo loves mornings, naturally, and Cookie Monster is already asking for a treat. Ceramic, 18 oz mugs feature the unmistakable eyes of each character with a quote from him on the back. Microwave and dishwasher safe. 4½”H x 4″W x 5½”D.

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Warm Feelings for Animals

Two Awesome Tower Defense Games

Kingdom Rush
Kingdom Rush game
Description: Kingdom Rush is a great tower defense game, build towers to keep your land free of monsters. Organized troops of monsters are banding together to attempt to pillage and take over the land.


Castaway Island Tower Defense
Castaway Island Tower Defense game
Description: Castaway Island TD is definitely one of the most fun tower defense games. It will bring you through tons of tower defense fun and will challenge you to kill the creeps that are trying to destroy the crystals that stand for all that is pure and good.