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Wood Cutter Game Review/Walkthrough

Wood Cutter is an amazing puzzle game, the goal of the game is to have the character get to the acorn house.

This is a visually stunning piece of game, also the sound effect is good. See the screen shot below, the screen is piled with the bricks path, also there are some wood there and you can move them. The acorn house is there and it’s your final target.

You can press up key to jump along the road, press down key to look the screen below.

Ladders and bridges help you cross the path and go up and down. See the acorn there? Go and get it to make extra points.

Now you have make your way to the acorn house, get in and process to the next level.

Your road to the acorn house is not always smooth, sometimes thorns are in your presence. You will be dead if you go directly to them.

So you have to go another way carefully and move the wood to cover it. Then you can pass it safely.

Sometimes you stopped on your way, you cannot move, then you have to restart the level. There are 20 levels in this game, start your adventure trip now and enjoy!

You can play the game at Wood Cutter Game, have fun!