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Color Hex Game Review – Walkthrough and Solution

What is the road? It is never out of the way places trampled, only the thorns from the place opened up. Each of us is different and because of his chosen path, it was by choice, it was a passive, while others have no choice but to hit the road. This is probably the right way of life! Efforts and courageous people to make sacrifices and total dedication to this approach. History has confirmed, in real life has also been affirmed.

Color Hex is really a puzzle game about the road. You need to design your own way, from start to finish. In most cases, you can not go back. You need to tread all the boxes. Next you need to ensure that your box can still marching forward, rather than blocked in the half-way.

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Addictive Balance Game Walkthrough

Balance is the ability to keep an upright posture, while either standing still or moving.
People with good balance are likely to be good in activities such as ice skating, windsurfing, and gymnastics.

Maybe you have played some other balance game like Perfect Balance, I have to say they are really toss. Sometimes it is not as difficult, but because of some minor changes in the game has always been determined “not to complete balance “, this is the most people and petulant calls.

Anyway, Addictive Balance is a very good physics game. It’s worth a trial, enjoy!

Addictive Balance Game Video Walkthrough level 1 to 30

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Cool Visual Magic Tricks – Do not believe your eyes

Visual deception is in the image to see some special features, the emergence of visual hallucinations. This illusion makes sense and does not match the reality of the scene, people feel there is a feeling of being deceived. Partly because people left and right brain division is different, the result of what they see in the image on the left and right brain processing result in different stress responses.

Ever notice how your brain worked a heckuvalot faster when you were younger and now, as you age, it seems like what used to come easy doesn抰 quite pop-out like it used to? There抯 one method you can use that will keep your brain young and spry ?optical illusions! In this article we抮e going to discuss 5 different optical illusions you can use to train your brain.

If you抮e an avid email user chances are you抳e gotten one of those emails full of optical illusions, the square that moves if you un-focus your eyes or the illusion where the colors stay behind your eyes when you close them. The part you may not realize when you抮e 損laying?with these emails is that they can actually help train your brain using critical thinking and critical visual thinking.

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Junk Yard Game Review/Walkthrough

Since the birth of mankind, all food and clothing to the lines and the production and living are all dependent on the survival of our planet, the Earth’s atmosphere, forests,
Oceans, rivers, soil, grassland, wild animals and plants, form a complex and closely related to the natural ecosystem, which is our basic environment to survive.
Today, the rapid development in science and technology, continuous improvement in people’s standard of living now, our life is becoming better happy. However, in advocating the text Ming, green and harmonious city today, the pollution of the environment behavior is everywhere.
junk yard game

Throw all kinds of waste to comply with the provisions of Prohibition, put the rubbish into a specified location or container. In this game, your main duty is to the anti-recyclable waste to the designated container. You need to click on something so that they disappear, and then a chain reaction, eventually lead to the specified recyclable waste container.

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Desktop Copter Game Walkthrough and Review

Everyone has a plane in his heart. When you are a boy, you definitely want a copter of your own. You got it some day. Maybe it really can fly, but in most of the situation it can only race on the ground like a car, it leak all kinds of strange sound when it抯 racing. More often, it is just a model, it can not fly. But we are still very happy, because in our heart, it not only can fly, but also it can fly very and very high.

In the Desktop Copter game, you own a very cool but small flying copter. There are 16 and Bonus levels in the game, that抯 16 and the final tasks. In a variety of scenarios, you need to drive your helicopter to complete various tasks. You fly from the beginning to the end through various of obstacles, you need to collect as many stars as possible in the limited time. The visual effect of the game is very delicate, you fly at home here and there, sometimes study room, sometimes living room or dining room. The task becomes more and more difficult with the deepening of the game. If you complete all of the tasks, then I think you can drive the copter easily.

You can change the skin of the copter. Choose your favourite color as the copter color, or simply put the sacred flag on it. Well, are you ready? Let抯 start your first flight! Be careful, do not let your copter crashes!

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5 Angry Birds Style Physics Games

We know Angry Birds is the most popular physics-based game on iPhone, now here comes the flash version of this tiny great game. Also you will get different characters in the game such as Super Mario Bros, Super Sonic, Other Animals etc. Enjoy!

This is the flash version of the great physics game Angry Birds. Fire your Angry Birds at those naughty piglets and get buildings to collapse on them.

Angry Animals game is another Angry Birds style physics-based shooting game. Launch animals with your slingshot to cause structures to collapse onto the evil aliens.

Angry Animals Game Walkthrough level 1 to 27

Angry Bee is a physics-based shooting game. Fire your cannon as you try to get all the golden honey combs to fall off the screen.

Angry Mario is a Angry Birds style physics structure knocking game, your goal is to kill all the Goombas. Try to finish the level in as few shots as possible.

Angry Sonic is another Angry Birds style physics game, fire Sonics to take out the evil crabs from the Sonic universe. Please keep in mind you have limited numbers of Sonics.

3 Most Educational Physics Games

We know that most of the physics games are based on the Box 2d physics engine, so it’s something like the virtual reality. Most of them are very good and educational, here we picked out three most educational games for you. If you are a teacher, it’s a good idea to share them with your students.

First Game: Fantastic Contraption 2

Play Fantastic contraption 2 game

Fantastic Contraption 2 is the second part of the Fantastic Contraption games. Your goal is to construct contraptions to overcome obstacles.

Fantastic Contraption 2 game screenshot

The blue square is your work area, you will build contraptions here. The pink square is the goal, you win by getting the pink wheel into it.

Select the wheel tool, click your mouse in the work area to draw the wheel.
Select the watery rods tool, we can use that to connect the two wheels.
Draw water from the middle of one wheel to the middle of the other wheel to connect them together.

Press start button to start your contraption, you cannot change your contraption while it is running.

You don’t have to get it right the first time. You can refine a design if it does not work.
Hit start to test a promising design out, if you don’t think it is going to work, hit stop when you’ve seen enough. Then you refine the design until it works.

wood rods will bump into wheels and rods they aren’t attached to.

Magnets repel and attract each other, use them to beat the level.

Use the move tool to drag joints or whole contraptions around.

Use the delete tool to get rid of parts you don’t want.

Press Start to see your contraption run, then press stop so you can edit again.

Clockwise wheels: will turn if a rod is connected to the center joint.

Counter-Clockwise Wheels: will turn if a rod is connected to the center joint.

Un-powered wheels: will roll if pushed, but not on their own.

Save: Save your contraption online.

You can check out the below walkthrough if you stuck somewhere:

Fantastic Contraption 2 Game Walkthrough level 1 to 28

Second Game: Electric Box 2
Play Electric Box 2 game

Electric Box 2 is the worlds most electrifying puzzle game. Use the items in each level to connect electricity from the source to the target. With items that can be flipped, click on them to reverse their directions.

Electric Box 2 game screenshot

We’ll need to figure out how to get power from the main power supply to the target. The metal wires can be used to conduct electricity. Look at our inventory panel at the right side, two items are present there. Drag and place the fan anywhere on this wire, this will connect the fan to the power source.

The fan is getting powered and producing air, air always flows straight as directed by the arrow. The Power Generator can be driven by the flow of air, then it will generate electric power itself. Place the power generator onto the wire connecting to the target so that the flow of air will reach the power generator.

Light from the light bulb travels straight to the four directions.

Solar panel is very effective for catching light and producing electric power.

Sometimes devices are already placed on the game grid and you cannot move them with your mouse. If the solar panel is already placed and you cannot move them with your mouse. However it can be moved with special devices like the puller bot.

Kettle full of water: give it power and it will start pouring water. You can also put it above a heater to generate steam.

Puller bot: Give it power, it runs forward and pulls backward the object it finds first.

Check out the below video walkthrough if you stuck somewhere.

Electric Box 2 Game Walkthroughs level 1 to 10

Electric Box 2 Game Walkthroughs level 11 to 20

Electric Box 2 Game Walkthroughs level 21 to 30

Electric Box 2 Game Walkthroughs level 31 to 40

Third Game: Liquid Measure 2
Play Liquid Measure 2 game

Move the pipes, overflow pots, water splitters to the right place to control the flow, guide the water to the pots to fill them all.

Liquid Measure 2 game screenshot

Drag the pot to have it under the water tank. You can pour different streams together, where the amount of water will be added up.

With pipes water can be controlled. Once water leaves a pipe, it won’t enter another one. Pipes cannot be rotated.

Overflow pots: once this kind of pot is full, the spare water will stream on through the white overflow valve.

Blocks: these red blocks exclude both water and movable items.

Water splitter: this element splits water into two different streams equally. The initial direction is displayed on the splitter.

Check out the video solution here: Liquid Measure 2 Game Walkthrough level 1 to 31

Thanks for reading, visit for more online physics games.

Twin Cat Warrior 2 Game Review

Twin Cat Warrior is going to Antarctica for antique coins, the trip is quite difficult. To kill the powerful demons, they need to cooperate and help each other in the cold world. All the gold coins need to be collected.

Twin Cat Warrior 2 is the second generation of the Double Cat Warrior, which is a classic two player game. Obviously the graphics has improved, the game scene changes from green forest to silver ice cave, looks like more beautiful.

Dynamic Snowflake and frog makes whole adventure stage more vivid, even animals floating up and down is frozen in the background.

There are 30 levels in the game. The control of the game is the same as before, but the level?is designed more clever, more mechanism and elements are added, such as cannon, spin ice etc. That makes it more difficult.

Instructions: P1 use w,a,s,d to move and jump, P2 use arrow keys to move and jump. Please keep in mind that one of the cat can jump on the other one! When standing on the cannon, press s or down to launch. Avoid the water and spiked or you will die! Grab all gems and arrive terminal postion safely to finish the level.

Please keep in mind that the goal of each level is to collect all the coins and get to the exit. Please do not miss any coins, or you cannot go to the next level even if you go to the exit.

Now you go to the next level and a new challenge is waiting for you. Cooperate with your friends and enjoy the trip, have fun!

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