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Splitman 2 Game Walkthrough and Review

Splitman 2 is the second part of the great Splitman game. The evil boss is attacking from the sky, this time he seems to have a positive fighting against the splitman. The splitman is ready to face the challenge, then the space around is reversed again. The splitman is stranded in a mysterious and dangerous labyrinth organ. You have to help the splitman to go out to have a qualification against the boss, otherwise you can only lay down and die.

In this game, your mission is to help the splitman get to the gate to process to the next level. You move the splitman with arrow keys or WASD keys. The splitman will be splitted into two people if he touch the spinning saw blade. The clone splitman will follow the movements of the original splitman as close as they are able. Then you can cooperate with the splitted guy to push the big box and jump over the rotating electric drill.
There are 24 levels in the game, you will unlock 6 bonus levels after you finished all the 24 levels. Later levels will include sun wrinkles force fields and black saw-blades that spawn reverse gravity clones. Finish all the bonus levels with your excellent jumping and moving skills.

Splitman 2 Video Walkthrough Level 1 to 24:

Splitman 2 Video Walkthrough All Bonus Levels:

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5 Great Physics Games for This Halloween

Pumpkin lights are symbols of Halloween. It is said that a man called Jack Irish, because of his particularly mean to the money, he is not allowed into heaven after death, but the damned. But he always make fun of the devil in hell, Satan, they were kicked out of hell, punished his lantern at night to walk on earth forever.

Cut and Kill Halloween Game
Cut and Kill Halloween

Cut and Kill Halloween is a fun Halloween edition of Cut and Kill physics game. Cut objects at the right position and angel to roll the monsters into spikes and collect pumpkins.

Pumpkin Remover 3 Game
Pumpkin Remover 3

Pumpkin Remover 3 is the third installment of the Pumpkin Remover physics game, it comes back just in time for Halloween. Use fire, gravity and your wisdom to remove all rotten pumpkins and keep the fresh ones safe.
Halloween Shooter Game
Halloween Shooter

Halloween Shooter is a  physics-based shooting game with a Halloween theme. Your goal is simple, just shoot witches into cauldrons, vampires into their coffins and mummies into tombs. Finish each stage to unlock the next level.
Pumpkin Master Game
Pumpkin Master

Do you remember the great physics game Meeblings? Here comes a Halloween and Pumpkin version. Use your torch to guide the pumpkins to the gates of hell, but many obstacles are in your way. Using good timing and strategy, guide them to the end.
Kill a Vampire Game
Kill a Vampire

Kill a Vampire is a fun physics-based puzzle game, your goal is to kill all the vampires in each stage. Place all the directional arrows around in the correct position, click the garlic to start falling.

Two Awesome Tower Defense Games

Kingdom Rush
Kingdom Rush game
Description: Kingdom Rush is a great tower defense game, build towers to keep your land free of monsters. Organized troops of monsters are banding together to attempt to pillage and take over the land.


Castaway Island Tower Defense
Castaway Island Tower Defense game
Description: Castaway Island TD is definitely one of the most fun tower defense games. It will bring you through tons of tower defense fun and will challenge you to kill the creeps that are trying to destroy the crystals that stand for all that is pure and good.

Featured Games of the Week April 16th, 2011

All We Need Is Brain 2 Game
All We Need Is Brain 2
: All We Need Is Brain 2 is the second part of the great All We Need Is Brain game. Destroy all the zombies in each level by strategically using brains to lure them to their deaths.

Football Lob Master Game
Football Lob Master
: Get the soccer ball into the goal by setting the right angle and power, avoid hitting opponents which is trying to catch the ball.

Tackle a Toblerone Game
Tackle a Toblerone
: Tackle a Toblerone is a fun physics-based construction game, your goal is to break a Toblerone piece off. Place platforms and other objects to create chain reactions.

Clowning Around Game
Clowning Around
: Clowning Around is a physics-based puzzle game similar to Civiballs. Cut the chains so that the spherical clowns end up in the correct barrels.

Brains Will Roll Game
Brains Will Roll
: Brains Will Roll is a physics-based puzzle game, your goal is to remove blue objects to roll the brains to the zombies. Solve each level as quickly as you can to score the most points.

Pigs Can Fly Game
Pigs Can Fly
: Do you believe it? Pigs can fly! You can help to make it happen in this physics-based game. Move objects with the corresponding potions and cooperate with your past actions to guide the pig to the potion.

Featured Games of the Week April 9th, 2011

Moony Boom Game
Moony Boom
: Moony Boom is the sequence to the fun physics game Sunny Boom. Place objects around the existing level to get the moon to roll off the screen.
Epic Charlie Game
Epic Charlie
: Epic Charlie is a fun physics-based platform game, help Charlie to get to the exit, see the instructions in the game.
Formula Racer Game
Formula Racer
: Here comes the exciting ultimate flash formula 1 racing challenge, use arrow keys or WASD to drive the car, X or SPACE to use the Boost.
Blockgineer Game
: Blockgineer is a physics-based construction game, your goal is to place blocks, angles and speed ups to get the correct colored balls into their correct exits.
Splitter Pals Game
Splitter Pals
: Here comes another part of the classic physics-based game Splitter. Cut objects to get the yellow character collects stars and reaches the goal.
Fun da Vinci Game
Fun da Vinci
: Fun da Vinci is a physics-based position platform game, cogs and trampolines on the screen so that the urns catch all of the cannon balls in each level.

Featured Physics Games of the week – March 28th, 2011

Photon Zone is a physics-based puzzle game, solve 15 mind twisting levels by dropping colored photons into the maze.
These experiements are unconventional, but the results may prove useful to the field of physics. Complete each phase of the experiment by capturing all the photons and we might solidify the neutrino theory of light.
Drag the red photon from the right side of the screen into this zone. Then drop it.
When a photon is captured, the matching colored gate will shift, opening new paths. Capture all the photons to win.
Gates do not always behave as you would expect them to. Experiment to see where they will go.

Here comes twenty new levels of Fanged Fun game. Transform the fanged shapes to guide them to their respective platforms in each level.

Die in a Carpet Fire is a fun physics-based adventure game, jump over spikes as you try to reach the fire to jump into and burn.

Roadkill Revenge is a physics-based skill game, all animals made a plot to revenge the road kills by building a special vehicle used to destroy as much traffic as possible. Try to create as much chaos and destruction as possible.

This is the flash version of the great physics game Angry Birds. Fire your Angry Birds at those naughty piglets and get buildings to collapse on them.

5 Brain Teasers is a fun physics-based puzzle game, It’s a collection of five the most challenging logical puzzles. Use the mouse to arrange game elements.

Featured Physics Games of the Week – Feb 18th, 2011

This week we have a couple of very good physics games, here we list only four typical games, others are also good such as Ninja Dogs, Missing Duckling. For more physics games please go to Phyfun Games website at

Alphabet Shoot 2 Game
Alphabet Shoot 2

Alphabet Shoot 2 is the second part of Alphabet Shoot games. Fire the alphabet letters to the matching letters. Use your mouse to aim wisely because you only have a few shots for each level! Sometimes the order is very important, you can only shoot some letters after you shoot the tasklet letters.

The Flood: Salvation Game

The Flood: Salvation

The flood is coming and your task is to rescue the ragdoll from the rising flood water. Place the provided objects on the stage at the right position, collect coins for extra points. There are 44 levels in the game, in each level you have specified objects to use, the flood is coming after you placed your objects, press reset to change the position of the objects and retry.

Pigstacks Game


Click bales of hay in the correct order to clear them. Help the piggy get down to the ground. You cannot clear logs or walls, you can only clear bales of hay, enjoy this 20 levels game! You need to have all the piggies to the ground and do not have any of them falling from the screen, press reset to try the level again if you failed.

Vroom Game


Vroom is another mini train style physics-based puzzle game, drag and drop various objects on the playing field to create a track, press go to have the tiny truck to collect stars and reach the finish, avoid bombs. Unfortunately, I stuck at the level 4, if you passed level 4 please let me know how you did it.