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Splitman 2 Game Walkthrough and Review

Splitman 2 is the second part of the great Splitman game. The evil boss is attacking from the sky, this time he seems to have a positive fighting against the splitman. The splitman is ready to face the challenge, then the space around is reversed again. The splitman is stranded in a mysterious and dangerous labyrinth organ. You have to help the splitman to go out to have a qualification against the boss, otherwise you can only lay down and die.

In this game, your mission is to help the splitman get to the gate to process to the next level. You move the splitman with arrow keys or WASD keys. The splitman will be splitted into two people if he touch the spinning saw blade. The clone splitman will follow the movements of the original splitman as close as they are able. Then you can cooperate with the splitted guy to push the big box and jump over the rotating electric drill.
There are 24 levels in the game, you will unlock 6 bonus levels after you finished all the 24 levels. Later levels will include sun wrinkles force fields and black saw-blades that spawn reverse gravity clones. Finish all the bonus levels with your excellent jumping and moving skills.

Splitman 2 Video Walkthrough Level 1 to 24:

Splitman 2 Video Walkthrough All Bonus Levels:

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