Parking Hooligan Game Review and Walkthrough

Today we have more and more cars, parking has become a people living problem, it becomes harder and harder. Sometimes you are busy, but we have limited parking positions. Then you become boring and angry, you want to do something, like smashing those cars blocking you. But you cannot do that, it breaks the law, and you are a civilization.

Well, you can do it here and you do not break any law. It’s just a game.
In this game, your goal is to park your car to the position marked P. You can do whatever you want to do, you ignore any cars in the screen.

In each stage you have limited numbers of moves, just drag and release to shoot your car. Destroy all the other cars with your expert shooting skills, finally park your car before you run out of moves.

There are 20 wonderful levels in the game, each level is harder than the previous one. You can select your car, after you complete each five stages, your more powerful cars will be unlocked. Finally you will get a tank when you go to level 16.

Please keep in mind that each stage is not easy, you need to park your car before you run out of moves. So the most important thing is parking, not destroying other cars.

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