ElectroMagnetic Game Walkthrough and Reviews

Electro Magnetic is a unique 15 levels of mixed magnetism and platforming. Use the special magnetize, shoot and burst abilities of the ball to get it to the exit portal.

Use the arrow keys to move and make your way to the large portal in every stage to proceed to the next level. Hold “A” to magnetize onto any wall. Move the player into the wall the scale up it. Use left and right to navigate on the ceiling. You can descend on walls by pressing down. Press “S” to shoot energy bullets that utterly decimate all sorts of creeps. Press “D” to unleash a large energy blast for 10 energy.

Every ability requires energy to use. Batteries can restore lost energy. Every level starts with some.If you choose Endless Mode, you will have endless energy and you do not need to worry about the lost of the energy.

Regular Mode: Submit your deaths as your high score after defeating the boss on the last level.
Endless Mode: Cannot submit a high score but you have an unlimited supply of energy every level.

Avoid red heat pads, touching one instantly kills the player. Magnetic disruptors stop abilties from being used if within the rays. Teleporters transport the player one way only from point A to B. Levers are pulled to turn off lasers that block vital passageways.

Over 30 unique levels await, with the challenge of defeating a boss.

Electro Magnetic Walkthrough and Video Solution for the game

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