Crazy Hangover 2 game reviews and walkthrough

If you have played Crazy Hangover game, which is insanely funny, you may be happy to play the sequel to it: Crazy Hangover 2. This addictive point and click game will have you laughing and guessing what the next step is. Your objective is simple, find your costume and go to work.

Use your mouse to move, interact with people or pick up objects. Press Spacebar to open inventory.

The game starts off with you waking up hanging from the ceiling inside a messed up room with a leashed alligator. You start to wonder what happened last night and started checking out other rooms to find clues only to be greeted with crazier scenarios.

Below is the text walkthrough from GamesFree.CA:

1 : Click on the lever to the right to free yourself.
2 : Open your inventory by clicking on the icon at the bottom right%uFFFD of the screen or by pressing spacebar. Notice a paper that explains your objectives.
3 : The alligator won’t let you pass, so take the door to your right.
4 : If an ostridge peeks through the ceiling and stares at the television, you’re at the right place! Take the golf club next to the computer.
5 : Go back to the alligator.
6- Once in front of the alligator, click on your inventory and select the golf club, then use it on the alligator’s jaw.
7 : The alligator can no longer bite. Go passed it towards the left.
8 : Continue left and go up the stairs.
9 : On the second floor pick up the rabbit slippers. You now have one essential element of your costume. The others will be a lot harder to find!
10 : Go through the door to your right.
11 : A girl has transformed a refrigerator into a spa. If you click on the girl she will complain that she is cold. Coincidentally you just crossed a hipster wearing a scarf!
12 : Go back downstairs to talk to the hipster. He will lend you his scarf only if you bring him a bitter tasting bottle of Black Ribbon beer. (There is one on the refrigerator door, next to the fire, but it is too hot for you to pick up for now.)
13 : Go downstairs and completely to the right, outside of the house.
14 : Click on the dude stuck on the exterior wall. You can’t understand a word he’s saying!
15 : Go back upstairs in the room with the refrigerator and go to the room to the right.
16 : You will come across the body of the ostridge which is blocking your passage to the window. Grab the scissors that are planted in one of the pots.
17 : Go back downstairs and outside where the dude is taped to the wall. (You will meet a devoted Chuck Norris, who is playing a RPG game on the computer.)
18 : Use the scissors on the dude outside. He can now speak and tells you to help him out, cause he “needs to pee real bad!”
19 : Use the scissors again, but this time a little lower. Woah %u2026 this dude really had to go, he’s a real fountain!
20 : Go back to the room with the stairs. A cat seems to have been painted and someone placed some headphones on the poor thing. Click on the headphones to remove them from the cat and stop this infernal music. You now have the headphones in your inventory.
21 : This cat keeps following you wherever you go. It seems to want to shred you! Head outside with the cat following you.
22 : Use the headphones on the pet carrier. The cat will enter the cage and let you live.
23 : Pick up the pet carrier with the cat inside.
24 : Go upstairs and through the patio door with the screen ripped off.
25 : A weird dude rambles on about a double rainbow. Wait a minute … could he be referring to the rainbow painted cat we found? Give him the cat and find out!
26 : The dude becomes enlightened and leaves for a better world, accompanied by his new found friend. As he falls he drops an oven mit. Don’t ask why! Pick up the oven mit.
27 : While you’re there, pick up the battery also, which is on the balcony floor.
28 : Go to the room with the refrigerator / spa.
29 : You can now pick up the empty bottle of Black Ribbon beer. Use the oven mit on the bottle just above the fire.
30 : If you try to give this bottle to the hipster, he will tell you that he won’t get fooled with an empty bottle. You must find some fresh beverage. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Let’s go back to the dude who has been peeing perpetually.
31 : Use the empty bottle on the pee. There you go, you now have a full bottle of Black Ribbon beer … oh how mean!
32 : Go back to the hipster and give him this tasty beverage. You will obtain his scarf.
33 : Now head to the girl in the regrigerator.
34 : Use the scarf on the girl. She will drop the tv remote on the floor.
35 : Pick up the tv remote.
36 : Go back downstairs to the room with the television and Chuck Norris.
37 : Use the remote on the television. A clip of Rebecca black will start and the ostridge will vomit and hide. Notice that our friend Chuck Norris doesn’t seem pleased.
38 : Leave the room to the left. Loud sounds and debris come from the room.
39 : Go see what happened. Chuck just destroyed the television set and seems to be enraged.
40 : Pick up the battery among the debris.
41 : Now that you have two batteries go see the fat geek at the top of the stairs.
42 : Place the batteries, one at a time, into the portal gun. Could this be!? This thing works for real!?
43 : Go downstairs and jump into the portal. You will arrive at the Playboy Mansion!
44 : Ouff %u2026 is it hot in here! Talk to the girl who has a peice of your costume. After a small chit chat with her she will give you the top part of your costume. Now you only need to find your rabbit head.
45 : Exit the portal.
46 : Go back and find the ostridge on the second floor. You will find it eating some plants. You can now go to the window and pickup the keys.
47 : Go back downstairs and outside.
48 : Use the keys on the big crane. The crane will lower its hook, to unveil a dude with your rabbit head.
49 : Click on the rabbit head to obtain it. If you have already played Crazy Hangover 1, you will notice that the dude is our old friend, who seems to have been partying yet again!
50 : You can now head to the right of the road to go to work, with your complete costume!

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