Junk Yard Game Review/Walkthrough

Since the birth of mankind, all food and clothing to the lines and the production and living are all dependent on the survival of our planet, the Earth’s atmosphere, forests,
Oceans, rivers, soil, grassland, wild animals and plants, form a complex and closely related to the natural ecosystem, which is our basic environment to survive.
Today, the rapid development in science and technology, continuous improvement in people’s standard of living now, our life is becoming better happy. However, in advocating the text Ming, green and harmonious city today, the pollution of the environment behavior is everywhere.
junk yard game

Throw all kinds of waste to comply with the provisions of Prohibition, put the rubbish into a specified location or container. In this game, your main duty is to the anti-recyclable waste to the designated container. You need to click on something so that they disappear, and then a chain reaction, eventually lead to the specified recyclable waste container.

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