Crack the Nut Game Walkthrough – Solution

Crack the Nut is a very interesting physical game, the game screen was charcoal style, looks very comfortable, the game features the same great music.

In the game, your goal is to crack a particular nut. There are 25 different levels in the game. There will be a lot of random accumulation of objects filled in the screen, you need to follow a specific order to the various boxes can be dragged into the specified object, only when you put all the pressure can drag the boxes are up, when that box will be is pressure burst. In this process, you need to maintain a balance, not allow any objects need to roll down the screen, as if the task will fail, you need to restart the level. Can drag the green, other colors can not be dragged by you.
In this more complex physical game, you need to use your brain. With your logical and human skills to crack 25 nuts.

If you are stuck somewhere it does not matter, here is the video solution for all the 25 levels of the game.

Play Crack the Nut Game at Phyfun Games

Watch the video walkthrough for Crack the Nut game