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Cool Visual Magic Tricks – Do not believe your eyes

Visual deception is in the image to see some special features, the emergence of visual hallucinations. This illusion makes sense and does not match the reality of the scene, people feel there is a feeling of being deceived. Partly because people left and right brain division is different, the result of what they see in the image on the left and right brain processing result in different stress responses.

Ever notice how your brain worked a heckuvalot faster when you were younger and now, as you age, it seems like what used to come easy doesn抰 quite pop-out like it used to? There抯 one method you can use that will keep your brain young and spry ?optical illusions! In this article we抮e going to discuss 5 different optical illusions you can use to train your brain.

If you抮e an avid email user chances are you抳e gotten one of those emails full of optical illusions, the square that moves if you un-focus your eyes or the illusion where the colors stay behind your eyes when you close them. The part you may not realize when you抮e 損laying?with these emails is that they can actually help train your brain using critical thinking and critical visual thinking.

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