Learn to Fly 2 Game Review – Walkthrough

Flying is the activity of birds in the air rely on the wings. Bird’s body structure and function are closely related with the fly.

There are three forms of flying:
? gliding flight is the easiest way of birds, wings do not move, but on the wings has the speed and the buoyancy of forward movement. For example, passing the water birds, swifts and swallows swept the air, etc.;
? flutter is the most common type of fly. In flight, the wings up and down movement with minimum energy to achieve maximum speed. Flutter fly and closely related to the configuration of the flight feathers. Bird wings on the move a little backward, put down a little forward, and when the paddle boat rippling water effect is very similar. As the birds wings protruding above, slightly concave below, when the birds body forward, resulting in lift. If lift exceeds weight, the birds on the rise; if the lift is less than the weight, the birds would gradually decline; and if you lift the same weight, the birds will remain horizontal forward flight;
? flying is a special flight, that is waved and the wings can not stop long at high altitude. Main source of power is soaring updrafts. The nature of the air moving over land and air moving over the ocean are completely different. Mainly over land unstable updraft, so the land of eagles, vultures and other wings broad and strong, suitable for quiet updraft soaring, albatross wings long and narrow for the ever-changing ocean air. Generally speaking, the land most suitable for flying birds inhabit most often updraft places, such as mountains and close to the mountain wilderness.

Learn to Fly 2 is a cool game about the flying. You will act as a penguin and your dream is flying. You are back fro revenge, icebergs cannot stop you or crush your dreams. You have to learn how to fly. Use the left/right arrows or A/D to steer, space bar to use boost, any key to activate special sleighs. You are learning how to fly step by step in this game, enjoy!

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