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Desktop Copter Game Walkthrough and Review

Everyone has a plane in his heart. When you are a boy, you definitely want a copter of your own. You got it some day. Maybe it really can fly, but in most of the situation it can only race on the ground like a car, it leak all kinds of strange sound when it抯 racing. More often, it is just a model, it can not fly. But we are still very happy, because in our heart, it not only can fly, but also it can fly very and very high.

In the Desktop Copter game, you own a very cool but small flying copter. There are 16 and Bonus levels in the game, that抯 16 and the final tasks. In a variety of scenarios, you need to drive your helicopter to complete various tasks. You fly from the beginning to the end through various of obstacles, you need to collect as many stars as possible in the limited time. The visual effect of the game is very delicate, you fly at home here and there, sometimes study room, sometimes living room or dining room. The task becomes more and more difficult with the deepening of the game. If you complete all of the tasks, then I think you can drive the copter easily.

You can change the skin of the copter. Choose your favourite color as the copter color, or simply put the sacred flag on it. Well, are you ready? Let抯 start your first flight! Be careful, do not let your copter crashes!

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