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5 Angry Birds Style Physics Games

We know Angry Birds is the most popular physics-based game on iPhone, now here comes the flash version of this tiny great game. Also you will get different characters in the game such as Super Mario Bros, Super Sonic, Other Animals etc. Enjoy!

This is the flash version of the great physics game Angry Birds. Fire your Angry Birds at those naughty piglets and get buildings to collapse on them.

Angry Animals game is another Angry Birds style physics-based shooting game. Launch animals with your slingshot to cause structures to collapse onto the evil aliens.

Angry Animals Game Walkthrough level 1 to 27

Angry Bee is a physics-based shooting game. Fire your cannon as you try to get all the golden honey combs to fall off the screen.

Angry Mario is a Angry Birds style physics structure knocking game, your goal is to kill all the Goombas. Try to finish the level in as few shots as possible.

Angry Sonic is another Angry Birds style physics game, fire Sonics to take out the evil crabs from the Sonic universe. Please keep in mind you have limited numbers of Sonics.