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Featured Games of the Week April 16th, 2011

All We Need Is Brain 2 Game
All We Need Is Brain 2
: All We Need Is Brain 2 is the second part of the great All We Need Is Brain game. Destroy all the zombies in each level by strategically using brains to lure them to their deaths.

Football Lob Master Game
Football Lob Master
: Get the soccer ball into the goal by setting the right angle and power, avoid hitting opponents which is trying to catch the ball.

Tackle a Toblerone Game
Tackle a Toblerone
: Tackle a Toblerone is a fun physics-based construction game, your goal is to break a Toblerone piece off. Place platforms and other objects to create chain reactions.

Clowning Around Game
Clowning Around
: Clowning Around is a physics-based puzzle game similar to Civiballs. Cut the chains so that the spherical clowns end up in the correct barrels.

Brains Will Roll Game
Brains Will Roll
: Brains Will Roll is a physics-based puzzle game, your goal is to remove blue objects to roll the brains to the zombies. Solve each level as quickly as you can to score the most points.

Pigs Can Fly Game
Pigs Can Fly
: Do you believe it? Pigs can fly! You can help to make it happen in this physics-based game. Move objects with the corresponding potions and cooperate with your past actions to guide the pig to the potion.

Featured Games of the Week April 9th, 2011

Moony Boom Game
Moony Boom
: Moony Boom is the sequence to the fun physics game Sunny Boom. Place objects around the existing level to get the moon to roll off the screen.
Epic Charlie Game
Epic Charlie
: Epic Charlie is a fun physics-based platform game, help Charlie to get to the exit, see the instructions in the game.
Formula Racer Game
Formula Racer
: Here comes the exciting ultimate flash formula 1 racing challenge, use arrow keys or WASD to drive the car, X or SPACE to use the Boost.
Blockgineer Game
: Blockgineer is a physics-based construction game, your goal is to place blocks, angles and speed ups to get the correct colored balls into their correct exits.
Splitter Pals Game
Splitter Pals
: Here comes another part of the classic physics-based game Splitter. Cut objects to get the yellow character collects stars and reaches the goal.
Fun da Vinci Game
Fun da Vinci
: Fun da Vinci is a physics-based position platform game, cogs and trampolines on the screen so that the urns catch all of the cannon balls in each level.

5 Angry Birds Style Physics Games

We know Angry Birds is the most popular physics-based game on iPhone, now here comes the flash version of this tiny great game. Also you will get different characters in the game such as Super Mario Bros, Super Sonic, Other Animals etc. Enjoy!

This is the flash version of the great physics game Angry Birds. Fire your Angry Birds at those naughty piglets and get buildings to collapse on them.

Angry Animals game is another Angry Birds style physics-based shooting game. Launch animals with your slingshot to cause structures to collapse onto the evil aliens.

Angry Animals Game Walkthrough level 1 to 27

Angry Bee is a physics-based shooting game. Fire your cannon as you try to get all the golden honey combs to fall off the screen.

Angry Mario is a Angry Birds style physics structure knocking game, your goal is to kill all the Goombas. Try to finish the level in as few shots as possible.

Angry Sonic is another Angry Birds style physics game, fire Sonics to take out the evil crabs from the Sonic universe. Please keep in mind you have limited numbers of Sonics.