Twin Cat Warrior 2 Game Review

Twin Cat Warrior is going to Antarctica for antique coins, the trip is quite difficult. To kill the powerful demons, they need to cooperate and help each other in the cold world. All the gold coins need to be collected.

Twin Cat Warrior 2 is the second generation of the Double Cat Warrior, which is a classic two player game. Obviously the graphics has improved, the game scene changes from green forest to silver ice cave, looks like more beautiful.

Dynamic Snowflake and frog makes whole adventure stage more vivid, even animals floating up and down is frozen in the background.

There are 30 levels in the game. The control of the game is the same as before, but the level?is designed more clever, more mechanism and elements are added, such as cannon, spin ice etc. That makes it more difficult.

Instructions: P1 use w,a,s,d to move and jump, P2 use arrow keys to move and jump. Please keep in mind that one of the cat can jump on the other one! When standing on the cannon, press s or down to launch. Avoid the water and spiked or you will die! Grab all gems and arrive terminal postion safely to finish the level.

Please keep in mind that the goal of each level is to collect all the coins and get to the exit. Please do not miss any coins, or you cannot go to the next level even if you go to the exit.

Now you go to the next level and a new challenge is waiting for you. Cooperate with your friends and enjoy the trip, have fun!

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