Sugar Sugar Game Walkthrough level 1 to 11

Sugar Sugar is a physics-based drawing game, your goal is to draw lines with your mouse to get enough sugar in all the cups. When you get stuck, press the reset level button to restart the level.

White sugar in the white cup, red sugar in the red cup. To color sugar, send it through the filter.
There’s a hole in the ground, if sugar falls into the hole, it will drop from the hole at the top of the screen.
The time has come to push the button, if you press the push button, the sugar falls from bottom to the top of the screen, it seems the gravity changes.
The below screenshot shows my solution for the game from level 1 to 11, enjoy!
If you have more walkthrough for the Sugar, Sugar game, please advise.
Play the Sugar, Sugar game now at Phyfun Games.

The below video shows you the whole solution for the game: