Featured Physics Games of the Week – Feb 18th, 2011

This week we have a couple of very good physics games, here we list only four typical games, others are also good such as Ninja Dogs, Missing Duckling. For more physics games please go to Phyfun Games website at http://www.phyfun.com.

Alphabet Shoot 2 Game
Alphabet Shoot 2

Alphabet Shoot 2 is the second part of Alphabet Shoot games. Fire the alphabet letters to the matching letters. Use your mouse to aim wisely because you only have a few shots for each level! Sometimes the order is very important, you can only shoot some letters after you shoot the tasklet letters.

The Flood: Salvation Game

The Flood: Salvation

The flood is coming and your task is to rescue the ragdoll from the rising flood water. Place the provided objects on the stage at the right position, collect coins for extra points. There are 44 levels in the game, in each level you have specified objects to use, the flood is coming after you placed your objects, press reset to change the position of the objects and retry.

Pigstacks Game


Click bales of hay in the correct order to clear them. Help the piggy get down to the ground. You cannot clear logs or walls, you can only clear bales of hay, enjoy this 20 levels game! You need to have all the piggies to the ground and do not have any of them falling from the screen, press reset to try the level again if you failed.

Vroom Game


Vroom is another mini train style physics-based puzzle game, drag and drop various objects on the playing field to create a track, press go to have the tiny truck to collect stars and reach the finish, avoid bombs. Unfortunately, I stuck at the level 4, if you passed level 4 please let me know how you did it.